Lymphatic drainage

What is lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a treatment that is practiced both in the field of health and aesthetics.
This very specific massage is recommended to fight against the engorgement of water and lymph in the tissues (water retention, phenomenon of “post legs”, cellulite, etc.).

Lymphatic drainage for my health

In health, we will practice a lymphatic drainage cure to eliminate lymphedema (swelling that forms when the lymphatic vessels can no longer drain the lymph, so it accumulates in the tissues under the skin) or lipoedema (disorder of the distribution of fat) in order to revive the circulation of the lymph and reduce edema. 

This cure also helps strengthen the immune system: by stimulating the circulation of the lymph, which detoxifies the body, we boost our immunity. This is why it is also recommended in case of severe fatigue or low energy. 

It is also an ideal massage for pregnant women: say goodbye to heavy legs, they will feel better about themselves and much lighter!

Lymphatic drainage for my figure

In aesthetics, lymphatic massage can overcome cellulite and naturally sculpt the body. Thanks to its draining and anti-cellulite effect, this treatment improves the circulation of lymph, dislodges cellulite and helps relieve tissue congestion, for example, to have lighter and more toned legs. The slimming effect is immediately visible! The texture and grain of the skin change from the first massage.

On the face, this treatment drains swollen tissues, redraws the contours and activates blood circulation. Result: a better complexion and a more luminous and deflated face. 

To carry out these different treatments, I learnt the Renata Franca lymphatic drainage techniqueIt is a manual drainage technique whose effectiveness has already been proven! 

This recognized approach gently relieves congestion, detoxifies and acts on aqueous cellulite, to reshape your silhouette. It is an in-depth work that reduces fatty and fibrous cellulite and (re)sculpts the body.

Practitioner graduate of Renata Franca treatments, I propose to come to your place dans le bassin d’Arcachon, pour réaliser un massage lymphatique,  un soin remodelant, ou un massage “Miracle Face”, je vous explique chaque soin pour vous aider à choisir le drainage qu’il vous faut.

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