Lymphatic drainage treatment

Lymphatic drainage is Renata Franca's best-known treatment, in fact with the use of firm and vigorous pressure, combined with a rapid rhythm, for pumping and maneuvers derived from a historical know-how, in fact a method whose benefits are no longer to be proven!

Lymphatic Drainage: a slimming treatment

Lymphatic drainage is a one-hour treatment, which I come to perform at your place.

The various pressures exerted on the body make it possible to reduce oedemas, to revive blood and lymphatic circulation. That is to say that we come to manually deflate the areas of the body engorged with water or lymph. A feeling of lightness can immediately be felt. Especially in the legs for people who tend to retain water or who suffer from “pole-shaped” leg syndrome, but also in the stomach. It is visible: the swelling is really reduced!

As part of a slimming treatment, lymphatic massage is highly recommended. Indeed, by reviving the blood system, it helps detoxify the body and evacuate the toxins that accumulate, which can cause swelling of the belly.

Thanks to its anti-cellulite and draining action, the texture and appearance of the skin are modified from the first session. I come to unclog the tissues in order to act directly on the aqueous cellulite to refine and reshape your silhouette.

A lymphatic drainage cure

Si les effets d’un soin de drainage lymphatique sont immédiats et les effets peuvent durer entre 3 et 7 jours après le massage, selon votre hygiène de vie, il recommandé de le réaliser en cure, avec au minimum cinq séances, pour avoir des résultats vraiment efficaces sur la durée.

You can also perform it in addition to a Shaping massage treatment in order to have a refined AND reshaped silhouette.


Because the reactivation of the blood system is not good for everyone, I do not practice lymphatic drainage if:

Is this treatment not suitable for your pathology?
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