Florence’s journey

Il est toujours difficile ce moment où on doit se présenter, entrer dans une case plutôt qu’une autre… Je suis Florence, j’ai été expatriée à Dubaï et je suis maintenant revenue dans le bassin d’Arcachon. Je suis une épicurienne plurielle et mon parcours est loin d’être typique. Il est la trace de mon chemin vers l’accompagnement bien-être.

It all started ten years ago when I was working in the real estate business. I felt that something had to change, I had to listen to myself. This is how I started to train in relaxation therapy, needing to redirect myself to a profession that made more sense to me. I then became a graduate sophrologist. This is a step towards my life mission, I can feel it. But I'm missing something.

Yogini and certified yoga teacher

I decided to take a Hatha Yoga teacher training course in India. So I take the plane to Rishikesh, India, where I register for a 200 hour learning in an ashram, to soak up and integrate the values, the purest teaching and the philosophy of Yoga. Classes are in English, the pace takes me completely out of my comfort zone, but I come back to France armed with a new diploma and a new vision of the world. I continue in this direction by adding Yin Yoga and pre and post-natal yoga to my practices.

I feel that everything is becoming clearer, but my puzzle is still missing pieces: I want to help and accompany others, to be able to make hearts smile.

Well-being massages with Renata Franca lymphatic drainage.

I chose to listen to my intuition and train myself in Thai oil massages, in Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand, with a Thai woman who teaches her know-how - inherited from her grandmother. 

As I have a good feeling in my hands, intuitively I feel the blockages in people, so it is only natural that these well-being massages find their place in my offers.

And even more recently, I added a new string to my bow to make my massage proposals more complete: Renata Franca treatments : lymphatic drainage, Miracle Face and shaping treatment. Certified practitioner from Switzerland, I have something to pamper you!

By founding Rituals Home, my goal is to show you that self-love and self-confidence are two things that are cultivated and worked on. It may seem difficult when it is quite possible: yes, we can learn to love ourselves. Whether through the practice of sophrology, EFT, massages (releasing tensions, reshaping the body with Renata Franca massages) or Yoga (Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and post and prenatal yoga).

By combining all these practices, I also organize my spiritual retreats to always share more and to support my students as much as possible.

Je peux venir directement chez vous dans le bassin d’Arcachon pour vous masser et vous donner un cours de yoga privé, ou réalise à distance, en visioconférence par exemple, des séances de yoga et de sophrologie ! 

Do you want to find out more about my accompaniments or my offers? Do not hesitate to contact me!