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I'm not just a masseuse and a sophrologist! Well-being being very important to me, I am also a certified yoga teacher. My goal is to offer a holistic approach to well-being, to work with you on self-love and self-confidence. This obviously goes through the mind, but also through the body. This is why Rituals Home accompanies you through the practice of yoga.

It was after graduating as a yoga teacher, following my Teacher Training Course of 200 hours of Hatha Yoga in an ashram in Rishikesh at Yoga Viny, that I decided to train myself also in yin yoga, then in prenatal yoga and post-Natal yoga at the Institut de Gasquet Paris.

If we refer to the Yoga Sutras, by Patañjali, one of the founders of yoga, we discover the eight branches of yoga. They are rules of life, like a code of conduct to honor the philosophy of Yoga. These eight steps guide us in a line of moral conduct, ethics and self-discipline. They are made to help us become aware of the spiritual aspects of our nature while helping us to maintain health. This by working preventively on our pain and keeping our body in shape.

Prendre un cours de Hatha Yoga dans le bassin d'Arcachon

Hatha yoga is a Sanskrit term that designates a type of yoga which, through the precise and rhythmic practice of the various asanas, brings students mastery of the body and their senses. During the sessions, we work on the sequence of postures, ranging from very simple to the most complicated asanas, allowing long-term progress while respecting each person's level. 

All my classes start with breathing session, with the practice of Pranayamas, the basis of yoga. You learn how to manage your breathing, to regain control of your body. 

You did not know it ? Breathing has incredible effects on us, but over time we no longer know how to breathe... The practice of yoga allows us to reconnect with our soul, our deep self and, in the process, it reduces our level of stress and anxiety.

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Faire du Yin Yoga dans le bassin d'Arcachon avec Rituals Home

Yin yoga is a Western yoga, invented in the United States. It is a so-called “passive” practice, which works on variations in sitting or lying postures. This approach makes it possible to reach the connective tissues, as well as the nervous system, for a restorative effect. We hold each posture longer, between three to five minutes per posture in order to feel the deepest muscles relax, the mind to calm down and to restore the body in depth.

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Pregnancy and Yoga

Are you pregnant and want to take a yoga class? 

During pregnancy, your yogic practice must be adapted. With prenatal yoga, you practice gentle postures (but which strengthen the targeted body parts), conscious breathing, relaxation and guided meditations to help you prepare for your birth and welcome your baby.

After the birth of your child, I accompany you thanks to postnatal yoga: a gentle yoga, which will allow you to reclaim your body after childbirth and to better live your postpartum.

To go even further in well-being, I offer yoga and massage packages!
After your class, I massage you for a truly complete approach: body and mind are pampered.