Yoga classes and massage

Professeur de yoga et masseuse à domicile dans le bassin d’Arcachon, je souhaite proposer un accompagnement bien-être complet à mes étudiants et mes clients. C’est pourquoi j’ai imaginé ce forfait spécial Yoga et Massage !

Rituals Home: complete support thanks to the benefits of yoga coupled with massages.

My goal is to fully accompany you towards well-being: whether physically with the practice of yoga, bodily with the treatments and energy massages that I offer and mentally thanks to sophrology.  

Il est tout naturel pour moi de lier les massages et les cours de yoga dans mes accompagnements. C’est pourquoi je vous propose de me rendre chez vous, dans le bassin d’Arcachon, pour vous donner un cours de yoga (hatha yoga, yin yoga, yoga postnatal ou yoga prénatal, selon vos besoins), et pour vous faire profiter d’un soin. Ça peut-être un drainage Renata França ou bien un massage bien-être. Nous voyons ensemble la combinaison la plus adaptée pour vous, en fonction de vos envies et des besoins de votre corps !

For example, if you need relaxation, we will rather practice a gentle practice with yin yoga, in order to help you regenerate in depth. Then, the massage that will follow will also aim to relax you, to help you let go!

If you rather want to build muscle or work on yoga to refine yourself, then the session will be completely different! The massage that will accompany it will rather be a lymphatic drainage or a shaping treatment.

During pregnancy, lymphatic drainage will allow you to feel better about your body, with less swelling in the lower limbs. With this we work in prenatal yoga to prepare you for childbirth and the changes due to birth.

And if you have just given birth, postnatal yoga support coupled with regenerating massages can help you live your fourth trimester better and prevent your postpartum from being too violent to experience. Indeed, we tend to forget ourselves during this period, when it is essential to take the time to reconnect with your body and assimilate all the recent changes and upheavals that have happened in your life.

As you will have understood, each package is tailor-made to suit you.
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