Corporate Yoga

Did you know that yoga is a discipline that is beneficial at work? ?

Indeed, the regular practice of yoga allows you to reduce stress, to have better management of your breathing, to work on your posture to avoid pain due to positioning during working hours. This helps prevent several occupational diseases, such as musculoskeletal disorders, working in front of a screen, repetitive gestures, bent back, etc. And promotes better health. But that's not all ! The psychological benefits of yoga can boost the creativity and productivity of people who practice it.

Practiced in a group, yoga also helps to strengthen team cohesion, making working conditions more pleasant.

Rituals Home comes to give yoga classes in your company

Professeur de yoga diplômée, j’enseigne les asanas dans le bassin d’Arcachon.

I go to your offices, to offer yoga classes to your employees and collaborators and allow them to do good, to take advantage of a well-being break to breathe and regenerate. Because it's proven: what's good for your teams... is good for your business! 

People less stressed at work, in better health, taking more pleasure in going there every day, work much better. The energy at the heart of the group and the teams is more fluid and positive.

Workshops for your teams

You do not have the capacity to do yoga classes on your premises?
Do not panic, in order to create a link between your collaborators and to make them enjoy a moment of well-being, opt for a workshop! From two to four hours, I offer yoga workshops that will allow the group to strengthen their ties thanks to this sporting and spiritual practice! Just choose the theme you want and I'll take care of the rest. I select a cocooning place to receive you and allow you to fully enjoy this moment of well-being in a group.

Are you convinced of the benefits of yoga in business and think it's ideal for your business? Contact me, I will suggest different approaches to best meet the needs of your employees.