Because of the rapid pace we live in, it can be difficult to find time to enjoy a spiritual retreat. This is why I offer Workshops: small workshops to take care of yourself for a few hours.

The workshop, which literally means “collaborative workshop”, is a tailor-made moment of sharing, where I accompany you and guide you on a specific theme. Within a few hours I share my knowledge with you, in gentleness and kindness.

I offer different workshops around various themes such as Self Love, self-confidence, yoga development workshops (posture, anchoring, alignment), or small lunar rituals to make you live a unique experience.

Rituals Home Workshops

I imagine workshops always accessible to everyone: man, woman, non-binary, adult, teenager,... Whether you want to start yoga or have a moment to boost your progress, whether you want to discover the rituals of the full moon and new moon - like the cocoa ceremony -, whether you need to boost your self-confidence, ... These are moments 100% dedicated to your well-being and your inner magic. 

How's it works ?
I'll meet you in a place, selected on purpose to welcome you in a small bubble of well-being, for a workshop that will last from two to four hours, depending on the theme of the workshop. We discuss, we exchange, we take advantage of this time to disconnect and refocus on the essential: you.

Workshops for companies

I also offer my workshops for companies. Whether it is a sophrology approach in order to, for example, strengthen group cohesion and teamwork, or in a more spiritual area such as yoga or lunar rituals to introduce your colleagues to esotericism and discover together, a new universe. Do not hesitate to contact me so that I can offer you a tailor-made program, adapted to your group objectives.

I can intervene in business to accompany you. For a manager, for example, offering group sessions to his teams will improve the vision of the collective, group cohesion and teamwork.

For the elderly, sophrology helps to better live the arrival of old age: pain, insomnia, depression, memory problem, ... It will help to accept these changes to no longer fight against them, to regain the balance of the body and the mind in order to better live with his pain.

Are you afraid that a workshop is too short and prefer to take more time to take care of yourself?
Discover the yoga retreats: from two days to a week, we live a more immersive and intense experience to transform ourselves!