Philosophy and approach

Today, everything is going too fast... Time flies and our lives tend to slip away from us. We even forget to breathe! However, breathing is essential to our survival: it allows us to manage our emotions, to work our physical body, to live and survive. This is why I accompany you on a daily basis, using different tools to relearn how to breathe and regain control over your life.

Well-being practitioner, I have a simple life philosophy: do everything from the heart. And what I do with Rituals Home is no exception to this rule.
Every yoga class I teach, every Back I practice, every sophrology session I do, I do it for the sole purpose of making your heart smile. Because when the heart smiles, the body is much lighter! sophrologie et de breathwork qui est une technique de respiration consciente et connecté qui vous permet de retrouver la paix intérieur, et l’EFT… que je réalise, je le fais dans l’unique but de faire sourire votre cœur. Car quand le cœur sourit, le corps est bien plus léger !

The philosophy of Rituals Home

My approach is holistic : I work with you to help you feel better every day, in your body and in your head!
 Whether through physical or aesthetic treatments - such as
lymphatic massage or reshaping massagesthrough support around the management of your emotions or self-confidence thanks to The philosophy of Rituals Home and EFT, or through the practice of yoga to help your body move. It is a global support to allow you to leave nothing to a fluke and to be able to move forward lighter.

My approach is complete: for me, the body and the mind are linked, a tense body will find it difficult to anchor itself. It will be difficult to love a swollen body, a body that we feel escaping us. By working with Thai oil massages to relax you, sculpting massages, shaping massages and anti-cellulite massages to regain the tone you have lost, supplementing with yoga to continue to gently build muscle and guided meditations to relearn how to love yourself.

My approach is that of a companion: we work together on your blockages, whether physical or emotional, but above all we work gently. The goal is not to suffer but to free oneself, from toxins and negative emotions.

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