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Savez-vous que dans le bassin d’Arcachon, vous pouvez profiter d’un cours de yoga à domicile ? Plus besoin de chercher la motivation pour sortir, de prendre un abonnement à une nouvelle salle à laquelle, on le sait, on n’ira pas… 

A certified yoga teacher, I come to your place to offer you private yoga lessons and tailor-made flows.

My yogic journey

I discovered yoga and meditation in Bali, during one of my trips, something inside me was released and changed. Back in France, I deepened my approach and I became a real yogini by practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis. 

I decided to start and train myself in Hatha Yoga in India, in Rishikesh, where I followed a 200-hour training in an ashram with the monastic life that accompanies it, in order to have the purest teaching and a real experience, directly at the source, to impregnate myself and to be able to transmit the values and the philosophy of Yoga. After obtaining my diploma, I also trained in yin yoga, in order to offer a softer and regenerating accompaniment to my students. Subsequently, I decided to complete my approach by also training in prenatal yoga and post-natal yoga.

Rituals Home : Des cours privés de yoga dans le bassin d'Arcachon

Chacun de ces diplômes est, pour moi, une clef pour accompagner pleinement mes étudiants. En respectant leurs besoins et leur corps. C’est pourquoi je privilégie les yoga class privés : pour un échange privilégié et une séance de yoga adaptée à chacun. 

Whether your level is beginner, intermediate or confirmed, my lessons are organized in 5 stages:

The asanas offered in my classes evolve over the course of our sessions, to allow you to progress and discover the philosophy of Yoga. They are adapted to your physical condition and your desires: gaining flexibility, regaining mobility, strengthening the back to avoid pain, relieve tension, etc. 

To go further in your practice, whether in hatha yoga, yin yoga or post and prenatal yoga, I offer workshops: a two to four hour immersion to boost your progress!