"Miracle Face" facial treatment

Je suis masseuse à domicile, praticienne des soins Renata França et je travaille dans le bassin d’Arcachon, où je me déplace directement dans votre lieu de résidence pour prendre soin de vous ! Dans la liste des soins que je propose je vous présente celui qui va redessiner les contours de votre visage et vous assurer un effet coup d’éclat immédiat, car plus qu’un massage facial, le Miracle Face est un drainage du visage !

A facial massage… draining!

The Miracle Face imagined by Renata Franca is not just a facial treatment: this massage detoxifies the tissues of the face and neck and stimulates lymphatic circulation. This boosts the blood system and stimulates the body. 

Using lymphatic drainage techniques applied to the body (glandular pumping techniques and modeling massages, etc.), this facial massage provides instant results ! It will drain tissue swelling, redefine the contours of the face and reactivate blood circulation for a better complexion as well as a brighter, reshaped and deflated face. All with a small lifting effect that makes all the difference!

A facial treatment for everyone

Because our face, like our body, reacts to daily stimuli: stress, pollution, bad food, alcohol, fatigue… And it shows directly on our skin! Dull complexion, skin problems (small pimples, acne), puffiness, dark circles, deep wrinkles, etc.... Not easy to fight all that at once, and yet.

The Miracle Face is a treatment that lasts about half an hour and is suitable for both men and women.
It can be done as a cure, I recommend at least 5 sessions, to maximize the results to quickly notice a perfect complexion, to restore radiance to the face, to deflate dark circles and to reduce bags under the eyes.
Your skin will be healthier and lifted, your face redrawn and brighter.

Or, it can be done from time to time, if you have a healthy lifestyle, to prevent skin aging and give you a boost of “good looks” for special occasions.

Vous êtes intéressés par une cure Miracle Face ?
Contactez-moi dès aujourd’hui pour prendre rendez-vous. Je me déplace chez vous, dans le bassin d'Arcachon pour réaliser ce massage facial et vous offrir un moment de bien-être sur mesure.