Rise Up Retreats

Because a spiritual retreat is a unique moment to be shared, I have chosen to work with Virginie Zilbermann to offer you the Rise Up Retreats!

A yogic and spiritual collaboration

I met Virginie in 2020, during a yoga retreat I was organizing in the Cevennes. We hit it off right away and, little by little, we began to make plans for spiritual journeys and talked about putting our complementary skills together.

Indeed, Virginie is plural: a photographer specialized in portraiture, she offers photo shoots to help people to look at themselves again and to have a benevolent look at their bodies. Because, as we all know, we are the worst judges of ourselves! 

But she is also a digital woman, a content manager, she accompanies different brands on social networks to help them develop their digital visual identity. She writes a lot, is passionate about knitting, and offers yoga flows based on emotions. Each practice works on a specific theme and allows us to (di)manage the emotions that are stored within us. 

As a woman who thinks too much, Virginie has also, for a long time, repressed her emotions to protect herself from the world and from others, until she imploded. Since then, she has been listening to her rhythm and her needs. Yoga has helped her to become aware of her body, her movements, her limits and to listen to her emotions and not to bury them under the carpet.  

In 2021, she decided to take a 200 hour initial yoga training in Green Yoga to go further as far in her practice and understand each effect of the postures. She already wanted to create Flow according to her moods and emotions when she started. 

And life being made of beautiful surprises, the studio where she had been practicing Flying Yoga for two years also proposed her to follow a training to become an Aerial Yoga teacher. This training will begin in 2022 and will allow Virginie to offer this option to allow you to literally take flight during the Rise Up Retreats!

©Elsa Cadic

Rise Up Retreats, what is it ?

Virginie and I imagined THE retreat we were dreaming of: a holistic moment based on yoga, meditation and, above all, self-love.

From 05 to 06 days, the Rise Up Retreats are moments out of time, around the world, to find your inner light and shine again.

Each day is structured around a specific objective, but also leaves you time to transform yourself and enjoy the present moment. Because the world is already spinning too fast and it is vital to be able to slow down to become aware of yourself, your body and your deepest desires.

We accompany you on this path, mixing yoga, massages, photo therapy, meditations, sophrology and exchange circles. As you can see, we work on the body and the mind for a complete journey towards love and self-confidence. 

During the retreat, Virginie will take pictures of you so that you can take a new-look at yourself, your body and your transformation. Like a proof of your flight !

So, are you ready to shine?