how to choose ?

Have you just arrived in the United Arab Emirates, have settled down in the beautiful city of Dubai and are wondering which massage to choose in Dubai? So don't move, you've come to the right place!

Here is my list of wellness massages that you can find here.

Do you know the Renata Franca treatments? Renata Franca treatments ?

Recently, Renata Franca's famous 
lymphatic massage technique (this Brazilian massage therapist has created a particular type of movement, pumping and pressure for innovative drainages, which produce more visible and effective results than classic draining massages) has been exported to Dubai!

 You can thus find masseuses at home, certified in 
lymphatic drainageshaping and facial massage, also called “Miracle Face”. It is an approach used in both health and aesthetics for shaping and anti-cellulite treatments that will drain the lymph and redraw the body or the face. An efficiency that is no longer to be proven!

Lymphatic Drainage

used in health or aesthetics, this treatment is recommended for an immediate "lightness" effect. Indeed, it helps to fight against the engorgement of water and lymph in the tissues. Say goodbye to heavy legs, swollen stomach, ... And discover a deflated body, re-shaped with a revived metabolism! Feeling of well-being guaranteed!

The Miracle Face

This facial massage helps deflate dark circles and swollen areas of the face. It redraws the contour of the face, improves the quality of the skin and gives an immediate healthy glow effect! Small bonus: your skin is lifted!

The Shaping Massage

the shaping treatment is THE treatment to redefine your silhouette. Through vigorous, fast and firm movements, I move the fat to manually reshape your body.

The Thai oil massages are an invitation to relax, they are relaxing, invigorating and are practiced with fluid movements and deep pressure on the energy lines of the body. This typical massage allows one to reconnect the soul and the body and to harmonize the spirit. It is a soothing treatment that will free you from your tensions and anxieties, so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Dubai!

Better than a classic massage, in Dubai you can find an energy treatment at home.
It is a complete well-being approach that promises you lasting relaxation: no need to go home afterwards, you can prolong this cocooning feeling by staying at home, resting and enjoying the lasting benefits of your treatment.

You can book your tailor-made relaxing massage now!

Head massage

Back massage

Foot massage

A migraine is looming?
Opt for a head massage!

Tensions in your back?
Don't let the pain happen and treat yourself with a back massage.

Want a feeling of instant relaxation after a hard day at work in Dubai?
Discover the massage of the head, neck and shoulders that will untie all the tensions that you have accumulated.

And for total relaxation, opt for the Cranial massage and foot massage well-being package! 

So, ready to find the massage you need?
Contact me, I will advise you on the energy care you need.