Foot massage (reflexology)

The foot massage, inspired by plantar reflexology techniques, is an ideal well-being treatment for decompressing. Indeed, it promotes relaxation by releasing tension, relieving feelings of heaviness and reactivating blood circulation.

What is foot reflexology?

Plantar reflexology is a foot massage technique, derived from traditional Chinese medicine, which sees the plantar zone as a map of the body: each zone corresponds to an organ or part of the body to be rebalanced to relieve a person's ailments.

By applying different pressures on the specific “reflex” zones, I will locate the corresponding tensions and thus restore the balance of the body. Result, we are more relaxed and the body is relieved!

Why choose a plantar massage?

Foot massage is a treatment that is often found in spas, as part of a relaxing massage. We will start by massaging the soles of the feet, going up from the toes to the ankles before massaging the rest of the body. But plantar reflexology is also a treatment in its own right that deserves that we take the time to take care of it! massage relaxant. On commencera par masser la plante des pieds, en remontant des orteils à la cheville avant de masser le reste du corps. Mais la réflexologie plantaire est aussi un soin à part entière qui mérite qu’on prenne le temps de s’en occuper ! 

Indeed, this anti-stress massage brings relaxation and inner calm, which helps to reduce sleep disorders (in particular by promoting sleep) and to rebalance emotions, but that's not all!

With the different plantar pressures, we come to reactivate the blood circulation and relieve the saturated organs. This makes it possible to regulate digestive disorders, skin disorders and various small pains that poison us on a daily basis (migraine, heavy legs, etc.).

Où trouver un massage des pieds dans le bassin d'Arcachon ?

For a good foot massage, you can go to an institute or a spa, but the benefit of this massage will be lost very quickly: When leaving, we find our bubble of stress, parasitic thoughts, the world and the crowd... 

The best option to enjoy this treatment properly is to choose a masseuse at home. Thus, even after the treatment you can prolong its benefits by resting, in a calm atmosphere!

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