Back massage

The back compensates for all the hassles of everyday life: fatigue, anxiety, tension, bad posture, etc.
Over time, it gets blocked, thus reducing mobility or creating severe pain. Massage therapy makes it possible to avoid these two extremes by favoring a preventive approach: a regular massage of the back will make it possible to evacuate all the tensions to prevent them from settling and coming to create worries for you.

What is a good back massage?

Back massage is a well-being treatment that is practiced by first massaging the coccyx and then going up along the spine towards the vertebrae. To release the muscular tensions that are all along your spine, I will massage your lower back, your shoulders, your trapezius muscles and your neck. This releases knots in the back and eases tension so you can regain mobility, resume good posture, and relieve your back pains

When the knots are difficult to relax, I come to massage with tiger balm to untie and soothe the tensions more deeply.

The benefits of a back massage

A back massage allows you to unwind and relax, but it aims above all to relieve tension and pain felt at the back (back pain, lumbar pain, tense shoulders, stiff neck, etc.). 

The pressure and movement of the hands on the skin also helps to stimulate blood, energy and lymphatic circulation and to evacuate toxins. This is why it is a very recommended treatment in case of slack: it is a massage that stimulates the immune system! 

During the massage, your body comes to rest. I activate your parasympathetic nervous system so that your breathing and blood pressure can slow down and you can fully relax.

Où trouver un bon massage du dos dans le bassin d'Arcachon ?

Masseuse à domicile, je viens chez-vous, dans le bassin d’Arcachon, pour vous proposer un massage du dos !
 Je me rends sur votre lieu de résidence avec mon matériel : ma table de massage, ma fidèle huile de coco organique et biologique, et mon baume du tigre pour m’attaquer aux nœuds les plus récalcitrants, pour prendre soin de vous et vous offrir un moment 100% cocooning.

Is this the massage you need?