Sophrologue certifiée, j’exerce la sophrologie dans le bassin d’Arcachon en rendez-vous individuel mais aussi en visio-conférence. 

My job is to guide you and help you better manage your stress, your anxiety, gain self-confidence and love yourself. I accompany you in case of bad times and wounds of the soul: mourning, breakup, low self-esteem, lack of self-love, in order to regain control of your life and let go.

Description of what I do in sophrology

Sophrology is a tool for personal development, if it does not cure, it nevertheless allows you to bring yourself to a state of well-being. Whether in the case of deep malaise (depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, ...) or physical pain (many chronic pains are due to stress and anxiety), sophrology allows a gentle approach to manage the problem in depth.

Using meditation exercises, breathing techniques, visualization exercises, concentration, I help you relax and let go.

Whether for a teenager, an adult or an elderly person, sophrology teaches how to manage emotions and allows you to distance yourself from annoyances. Session after session, the person prepares to overcome all the hardships they will encounter.

Sophrologue dans le bassin d'Arcachon, je vous accompagne à chaque étape de votre vie.

In adolescence, we often seek our place. Group or exam pressure can be difficult to manage. 

With my approach, I help teenagers to live this phase of doubts and anxieties more serenely. We work on self-confidence, on the acceptance of the changes that surround them (the changes due to puberty, the search for their identity and those of our daily life: change of school, move, difficult schooling, etc.).

My exercises allow them to gain confidence, to better prepare for an exam, to fall asleep more easily and to feel better.

In adulthood, we are quickly confronted with stress and anxieties, which can impact our sleep (difficulty falling asleep, insomnia or nocturnal awakenings). We work together on your anxiety so that you can let go and arm yourself against the periods of doubts and fears that you may encounter throughout your life.

I can also help you gain self-confidence, to assert yourself, at work or on a daily basis, to help you accept and love yourself.

From the 5th month of pregnancy, I accompany future mothers until the final stage. This allows them to better accept the physical changes of these nine months and the little worries they may have caused. But also to anticipate the fear of childbirth. We work with different breathing techniques to help them better live this moment.

In the context of a dense professional life, being accompanied by a sophrologist makes it possible to better cope with stressful situations in order to avoid burnout:

I can intervene in business to accompany you. For a manager, for example, offering group sessions to his teams will improve the vision of the collective, group cohesion and teamwork.

For the elderly, sophrology helps to better live the arrival of old age: pain, insomnia, depression, memory problem, ... It will help to accept these changes to no longer fight against them, to regain the balance of the body and the mind in order to better live with his pain.

In sophrology there is no physical contact, which is why I can easily follow you from a distance, make an appointment now!